What is the licensing opportunity & how does it work?

Newsie is looking for licensees who want to run a Newsie news site for their local area as a business opportunity. By using our platform to curate and share the latest content from local publishers alongside your own content, you’ll expand your influence, your audience and generate revenue.

We license our platform exclusively per local area and charge a setup fee and a recurring monthly license fee. As a licensee, you become part of our powerful collaborative network and we teach you everything that you need to be successful.

We set up your site’s content (from local news sources), design, subdomain, hosting, SEO, email address, social media pages and Google Analytics as well as give you access to all the templates that you need in order to help you manage your business (e.g. design, partner agreements, invoicing & reporting).

We give you access to a simple, secure, sophisticated backend admin dashboard that allows you to blog and manage all the content and ads on your site. We also give you access to our comprehensive ‘Resources’ section which enables you to share in all the successes that our network has enjoyed in marketing their Newsie site – for instance, the top things to be doing on social media, great blog examples and multiple ways to bring in revenue.

We provide ongoing mentoring and constantly keep you on top of social media best practices as they evolve.